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Risks with Open Relationships

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There are a few different risks that you will need to worry about whenever you are in open relationships. People will often struggle with being able to trust their partner in the beginning. This is something that will happen over time. It is important that you are always honest with your partners and that you let them know what you are doing and who you are doing it with so that you can keep their trust.


You will find that jealousy is one of the most common issues with open relationships. You may find yourself wondering if they like the other partner better or if the other partner is better than you in bed. This is something that can eat you alive and cause you to lose your mind as well as your relationship. Make sure that you openly discuss your feelings of jealousy with all partners involved so that you can all work through it.


Whenever you find yourself sleeping with more than one person you are always going to run the risk of getting an STD. Open relationships can end up meaning that a lot of people are involved and you can be putting yourself at risk for the diseases that they have and what their partners have and what their partner’s partners have. Just be sure that you always wear protection with all of your partners to ensure a safe sex life. It is also a good idea to get everybody tested regularly to ensure that there is nothing to worry about.