Is Swinging Becoming Normal amongst Couples

admin on June 5, 2011 in Swingers Lifestyle, Swinging Relationships

Swinging is becoming more widely accepted, but is it considered normal? The answer to this would depend on several factors. While it’s not considered the norm in a typical relationship, it isn’t necessarily the taboo that it once was. Some activities are more accepted than others.


While full on swinging may not be accepted in most areas of societies, the stigma behind threesomes has almost completely disappeared. Many people experiment with this in their college years. A lot of couples also use threesomes as a way to further explore their sexuality or spice up their sex life. Swingers come from all walks of life, and many of them started with simple threesomes. This can include threesomes with two women and one man, or two men and one woman. The possibilities are endless, and a quick internet query can help you find willing participants.

Soft Swinging

Another more accepted form of swinging is the soft swing. With this type of activity a couple will participate sexually with other couples without swapping partners. This can include exhibitionism, voyeurism, or soft threesomes and group sex. There isn’t penetration involved when swapping, and some couples are okay with oral sex with others. The reason this tends to be more accepted is many people see it as a form of exploration more than anything.

As swingers continue to swing and it becomes more mainstream, the popularity will help to push it out of the taboo status entirely, and make it just another lifestyle that can be chosen.

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